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My Story

My entire life I have had a passion for wellness and have always been intrigued by why some people experience illnesses while others stay healthy. Being in the healthcare environment for over 25 years provided insight and perspective of the importance of the mind and body connection, and how it plays a critical role in living the best life we were meant to live.    


As a Reiki Master, I understand how powerful our energy is and many ways many healing therapies that are available   I  am certified reiki master,  meditation teacher, yoga teacher, The Wild Woman Project Circle leader and certifications  in sound healing with bowls, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine.


 We have the power to live the life we envision. I believe everyone has a meaningful purpose (dharma) that lives on in each of us waiting to be discovered.


 I have found such solace and beauty and feel gratitude each day and feel honored that you have made space for Healing Vibes.

Mudra Meditation
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